Sheep 4 Sale

2017 Sale List

Our flock is entirely grass-fed, with
exception of treats
and a small amount of supplement to
ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

"Micron" tested for quality fleeces.

Our goal is to produce polled stock with fine fleeces,
hardy and healthy, with good temperaments,
and correct conformation.

#1501 Bree proven. 2 year old
Bahruk x Shannon (twin)
mic20.5/ sd4.3/ cv20.08/ cem7.4/ cf98.8/ sf19.9/ sl25.0/ crv55.8


A proven ewe one of my favorites.
Her fleece is a bit longer but still soft and has a nice handle.
She has a great personality and has never had to be wormed.
1404 Ewe's Have It Ester S39084 $250
(Baruhk X Kate) DOB 5/4/2014
Grade 2 Fine Premium
MIC25.9 SD5.2 CV20.1 CEM8.7 15%2.1 CF81.4 SF25.1

$175 SOLD

#1210 Ewe's Have It Bella DOB 2012
2017 Micron 25.9/SD5.0/CV19.4/CEM9.2/<15 0.4="" p="">
A proven ewe.

NR Yearling 1513
MIC22.4 SD4.6 CV20.5 CEM8.5 15%2.9 CF95.2 SF21.7


2017 Ram lambs

#1709 (black n white)
Bree x Obi Wan

#1702 (fawn)
Fur Elsie x Bahruk

#1736 and #1737 (black)
Kayla x Jeb

#1703 (moorit)
Claudia x Obi Wan

2017 Ewe lambs

#1704 (moorit)
Claudia x Obi Wan

#1711 (moorit)
Pansy X Obi Wan

#1727  (black)
SnapShot x Blackbird

#1704 (moorit)
Claudia x Obi Wan

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