Fiber Art

All my fiber art is made with my own wool from my flock.
It is needle felted and with glass eyes.

Dryer balls

Latest project is a prototype of a needle
felted lamb with felted fleece.

More frig magnets

My first kitty

June 2015

Winter of 2014/15 I decided to try my hand at wet felting. 
I discovered I love it!!
These are wet felted cobweb scarves.

Fiber Sculptures (not a toy) are made out of the wool produced by my own sheep, Shetland or Targhee. All sculptures are one-of-a kind creation and my original work. I start with a tuft of carded wool and develop it into an sculpture.

Needle felting is a labor intensive art form, a process that involves painstakingly shaping and punching wool roving with a sharp needle hundreds (maybe thousands) of times to create a dense felt shape. If you have questions or interesting in purchasing one of these sculptures please email me. Put "Fiber Art" in the subject line and email

 Refrigerator magnets