Our flock is entirely grass-fed, with
exception of treats
and a small amount of supplement to
ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

"Micron" tested for quality fleeces.

Our goal is to produce polled stock with fine fleeces,
hardy and healthy, with good temperaments,
and correct conformation.

SheltrgPines Barukh  (double registered)

North American Shetland Sheep Assn. S38140

Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Assn. # A2090

Polled ram (fawn katmoget)
Fleece Fine Premium Grade 1

Head shot.

 MIC19.9 SD4.0 CV20.2 CEM7.4 15%7.8 CF99.5 SF19.2 SL65 CRV85.0


 Ewe's Have It Obi-Wan
Barukh x Ginger

(1536 ram lamb) NASSA #S42476

clean polled smirlet
MIC21.0 SD4.4 CV21.0 CEM8.1 15%4.8 CF98.0 SF20.4 SL55 CRV61.0



Ewe's Have It Luke
Barukh x Geneva

(1540 ram lamb) NASSA #S42599

clean polled moorit

MIC22.1 SD4.2 CV19.0 CEM7.1 15%4.4 CF97.6 SF21.2 SL45 CRV68.2


Wintertime Blackbird  

tag #0390 NASSA #S41770

Polled ram  (black)

 MIC22.3 SD4.1 CV18.5 CEM7.9 15%1.1 CF97.0 SF21.2 SL35 CRV62.1

Ewe's Have It Jebaiah #1623
NASSA reg. #S44406
Blackbird x Anime

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