Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Reese Group

Click on highlighted name to see NASSA pedigree.
Winter Sky Reeses S34305
MIC28.6 SD4.8 CV16.8 CEM8.3 15%0 CF86.1 SF26.9

Windy Acres Azalea S 24504
tag IN84-160
MIC24.1 SD4.9 CV 20.2 CEM 8.5 15%1.8 CF 91.3 SF 23.3

Winter Sky Kinsey S34303 (moorit)

Wintertime Spice  #S34481

(moorit, bleset)
Winter Sky Rose S34362 (moorit)

Winter Sky Geneva S34290 (black)
MIC21.4 SD4.9 CV22.7 CEM9.7 15%5.4 CF94.9 SF21.2 CRV53.7 SDC 40.1

Wintertime Jane Bailly S34234 (black)

Winter Sky Kristol NCWGA X090935 (fawn katmoget)

EHI Jane Doe (black)

EHI #05 Lilly (grey katmoget blettet)
EHI FeeFee (black smirslet) S34485
MIC24.8 SD6.1 CV24.4 CEM13.1 15%1.3 CF83.1 SF24.9

EHI Tiny Tina (fawn Katmoget)  S34489
MIC23.9 SD6.0 CV 25.2 CEM12.0 15%2.9 CF85.1 SF24.2

EHI Kiss (moorit)

EHI Orange tag #03

EHI Orange tag #02
EHI Orange tag #18
EHI Orange tag #19

EHI Orange tag #07 (katmoget blettet)
EHI Yellow tag #23

2011 "Bubba" group

Click on highlighted name to see NASSA pedigree.
MIC25.2 -SD4.7 -CV18.6 -CEM8.1 -15%1.9 -CF85.9 -SF24.0 

5 - 2011 ewes
#02yellowtag- black (Ewe's Have It Kate) S34316
MIC25.3 SD6.7 CV26.5 CEM14.5 15%.0.6 CF78.9SF25.9

#05minitag- black (Ewe's Have It Jane Doe)

#04 black ewe's w/mini tag.

 #03 moorit/smirlet
(Ewe's Have It Daisy) S34484
FOR SALE  $250

Ewe's Have It William S34482
MIC23.8 SD5.1 CV23.9 CEM9.2 15%3.2 CF90.9 SF23.3

Saturday, November 12, 2011


a couple of the girls

Nov 11, 2011

It was a beautiful day today.