Sept 2015 Gabriel

Feb 2015 Gabriel 
A smooch?

Happy boy with his bone.

Gabriel in September 2014

Max summer of 2014

Winter of 2014
Gabriel going over the fence.
Gabriel (Polish Tatra) and Max (Great Pyrenees)

Max and Gabriel
even in below zero temps the cold doesn't seem to bother them.

Gabriel and Max

Working hard today. LOL Must of had a rough night.

Gabriel and Max

Max and Targhee lamb,

Gabriel 8 months old
During the day he is a herdsman, but his job description changes as the sun
begins to set. Quietly listening as the dusk settles over the pastoral setting. A
deep, base canine voice is heard, barking a warning to any predator who might
be lurking nearby. The message is clear, "Don't touch my sheep or you'll be in
deep trouble!" The shepherd, or Gorale as they are called in Poland, can relax
as night falls upon the land. His sheep will be safe from harm.

The Tatra will patrol the perimeter of the flock all night long, protecting his
sheep from wolves and bears. This dog, once called "Liptaks" but now called
Tatra Sheepdogs or Owczarek Podhalanski, have been used for centuries by
the Polish shepherds.
Max and Gabriel June 2012
puppy Gabriel and teacher Max

Max 7 year old Great Pyrenesse
Gabriel 4 month old Polish Tatra sheepdog.

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