Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2015

March 2, girls were put into their lambing pens. We should be seeing lambs in 4 weeks.


  1. They stay in their little lambing pens from now until lambing? I've always heard that the opportunity to move around is healthier for pregnant mammals, and makes delivery easier.

  2. That's true Michelle. I like to make sure everyone is in good condition to lamb. Bringing them in a few weeks before lambing they have a chance to settle in and relax. No stress. I can also get my fleece samples, and check them over well. They are very happy as the temps outside have been below zero and with windchills in the double digits. I can also make sure each are getting their minerals. Shetlands are very hardy. I've had them lamb in the snowbanks! Not the prefered way though. In 9 years I've not lost a lamb during lambing, nor a ewe.