Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reese & Tiny Tina ewe lamb

She's getting big fast!
Reeses x Tiny Tina had single moorit ewe lamb.
Ewe's Have It Tiny Tina S34489
MIC23.9 SD6.0 CV 25.2 CEM12.0 15%2.9 CF85.1 SF24.2
2 weeks old with LeeAnn & David

Ewe's Have It Josie
tag #1201
Reese x Tiny Tina March 1, 2012
Below is a photo taken the morning of March 1st.

Tina is right in the middle of the photo. I'd say 15 to 20 minutes
later is when I discovered she had lambed right out there in the paddock.


  1. Very cute!!! :-) I guess i should introduce myself!, im mac, a shetland sheep breeder in western pa and im just starting to get into polled and found your blog! :-)