2018 Ewe Line Up

Registered Shetland Sheep ewes.

Any ewe's for sale are only because we have ewe lambs
keeping from that ewe.
Our flock is entirely grass-fed, with
exception of treats
and a small amount of supplement to
ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

Ewe's Have It sheep are "Micron" tested and coated for quality fleeces.

Our goal is to produce polled stock with fine fleeces,
hardy and healthy sheep, with good temperaments,
and correct conformation.

1. Ewe's Have It Abigal #1615
(Blackbird x Snapshot) yearling

2. Ewe's Have It Ezra #1620
(Blackbird x Eve) yearling

3. Ewe's Have It Leia  #1512
(Bahruk x Ginger)

4. Ewe's Have It GI Joan #1517
MIC24.4/SD4.8/CV16.8/CF88.6 (sheared)

6. Ewe's Have It Johann #1618
(Obi Wan x Sarabande) 

7. Ewe's Have It Mag Pie#1607

8Ewe's Have It Eve #1526
(Bahruk x Nala)

9. Ewe's Have It Annie #1516
(Bahruk x Anime)

10. Ewe's Have It Fushia #1503 #S43291

11. #1303 Ewe's Have It Jane Kay S38417

12. SheltrgPines Princess Leigh #1532
S42541 DOB 5-9-2015
(SpinnersEnd Barra X SheltrgPines Sarabande)


13. SheltrgPines (SnapShot) S42542
#1531 DOB 5-09-2015
(Spinners End Barra X SheltrgPine Sonatina)

14. Ewe's Have It Pansy #1524
(Bahruk x Petunia) NASSA #S42478

15. Sheltring Pines Fur Elsie  #S36135
#1534 DOB 3-06-2012

16.  #MI0029-0345 Wintertime Florence S37381
(dam Wintertime Alanis 2014 MSSBA Champion and reserved Supreme Ewe for best fleece on hoof.)
Fleece Grade 1 Fine Premium 
2013 Moorit smirslet DOB 3/31/2013
MIC25.5 SD4.6 CV18.0 CEM8.0 15%1.1 CF88.1 SF23.5 (micron 2015)

17. Sheltering Pines Sarabande #1533
NASSA #S37813

18. Ewe's Have It Twinkles (mirk face musket)
NASSA #S38912

19. #1606 Ewe's Have It 1606

20. Ewe's Have It Prelude S44973 #1621

21. #1717 Ewe's Have It Apple S46303
(spotted grey katmoget)

22. #1701 Ewe's Have It Adelaide S46245

23.  #1719 out of Blackbird x Bella

24. #1705 out of ObiWan x Twinkles

2017 Microns Ewe's

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