2017 Lambs

Our goal is to produce polled stock with fine fleeces,
hardy and healthy sheep, with good temperaments,
and correct conformation.
Ewe's Have It sheep
are "Micron" tested and coated for quality fleeces.
Our flock is entirely grass-fed, with the exception
of treats and a small amount of supplement to
ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

Deposits required on all lambs reserved, thank you..
Lambs will be fully registered to NASSA when payment is made in full.

Prices vary due to fleece quality, color and patterns.

Lambing is scheduled to start at the end of April this year.
April 28th
Twin katmogets from
Sheltering Pines Fur Elsie x Bahruk
#1701 ewe   #1702 ram

Twin gulmogets from
Ewe's Have It Star #1509 x Obi Wan
#1707 ewe #1708 ram krunet



April 29th
Twin solid moorits from
Ewe's Have It Claudia #1522 x Obi Wan
#1703 ram #1704 ewe

April 30th
Ewe's Have It Twinkles #1360 x Obi Wan
Twin grey spotted katmogets
#1705 ewe Ewe's Have It Organa
  #1706 ram (white hind legs)

May 3

Ewe's Have It Bree #1501x Blackbird
#1710 ewe Ewe's Have It Shona
  #1709ram (has more white)

Sheltering Pines Appalacion x Blackbird
May 3, twins grey spotted and black krunet
#1717 ewe grey spotted Ewe's Have It Apple
#1718 ram black krunet

Ewe's Have It Pansy #1524 x Obi Wan
May 3, single moorit gully
#1711 ram

Ewe's Have It Eve #1526 x Blackbird
May 4, 2017
#1712 grey katmoget

OK Acres Nala X Obi Wan
May 6, 2017 twins
#1714 ram gulmoget Ewe's Have It Kenobi
#1716 ewe


Ewe's Have It Molly x Blackbird
May 8th twins (black gully and black)

Ram 1729 Ewe1730 black gulgomet

Ewe's Have It GI Joan 1517 x Obi Wan

May 9th single (grey katmoget) ram #1713

BadgerFace NR x Obi Wan
May 10, twins gray spotted yuglet
#1715 ewe

Lambkins x Bahruk
May 10, twins rams

1503 Fushia x ObiWan
May 11, single morrit gully

Snap Shot x Blackbird
May 12, black spotted twins
#1727 black and
#1728 black-white ewe Ewe's Have It Cover Girl

Florence x Luke
May 12 single ram lamb #1721 Ewe's Have It Big Red

1606 x BlackBird May 14, single #1726

Vanilla x Bahruk May 15, twins
#1722 black and #1723grey kat both ewes

Ewe's Have It Bella X Blackbird
May 13, Single black ewe #1719

  #0309 Animie X Bahruk
May 25, ram #1724 aka Ewe's Have It Hawk

Ewe's Have It Kayla #1519 x Ewe's Have It Jebaiah
6-13 twins ram and ewe, black

Ewe's Have it Annie 1516 x Jebaiah
#1735 6-25 black ewe  (bleset)

1303 X Jeb
June 19th black krunet

Ewe's Have It Blossom x Blackbird
July 5 twins
#1745 ewe ,
#1746 ram Ewe's Have It Nitro

Ewe's Have It Bathsheba X Ewe's Have It Jeb
#1739 Ewe's Have It Estrella

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