August 2017 Flock

July 2015 herd

A coyote walking across the frozen waters of Lake Michigan, not far from our farm.

March 1, 2015


Mr Rooster getting some sun. He is a heritage breed called the Dorking.

A view from the north.

The farm March 2015 from west.

12-2014 flock.

The girls October 2014

Roving gray.


Hey, someone is knocking at the door.
How did she get on the back porch?

Geneva ready to roll.


Reese's and LadyBug

Watch video of sheep heading to the field in the morning.

 Esme making friends.
"Ewe's Have It Esme"

Azalea twins Tamar & Judah

"Trinket" and her mom. "Ewe's Have It Night Time".
 My girl "Ewe's Have It Made To Order"
 Flash's ram lambs

Poppy and Lilly in garden spot.